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AuthorCharles Stross Entered2005-06-17 12:14:16 by bcrowell
Editedit data record FreedomCopylefted, but with restrictions on modification and/or sale (disclaimer)
SubjectP.Z - Fiction in English and juvenile belles lettres
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Grand Acceleration
by Melina Morgan on 2005-10-07 00:06:13, review #467
better than 95%
better than 90%
A must read for fans of the Singularity theory, the book felt like something of a cross between Joe Haldeman and Corey Doctorow. It contains some pretty good speculation, particularly on the rate of change we're likely to experience this century, and nice details like the return of leprosy due to antibiotic abuse in the previous. It's very heavy on tech, while containing some great characters and smooth plot progression. Three generations of the Macx family first help to bring about and finally survive the aftermath of humanity's drive to expand, both internally through technological enhancement of the mind and externally through the solar system and beyond. In the process, most of the matter available is converted into thinking "beings" aka computronium, until it reaches critical mass and change occurs at an exponential rate. Kind of like the inflation theory of intelligence. The results are well thought out and necessarily comprehensible to a reader from our contemporary society.

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