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Love for Manufactured Things, The

AuthorXavier Molina Entered2008-12-13 13:43:41 by Kalusbu
Editedit data record FreedomCopyrighted, doesn't cost money to read, but otherwise not free (disclaimer)
SubjectP. - Language and Literature
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Amazing unknown poet
by Klaus Buechner on 2008-12-13 13:43:41, review #518
better than 99%
better than 99%
I found a poem of this short book when reading by chance a blog. I was very much impressed by the poem and I asked to the author of the blog from where did she take the poem. I decided to get the original book, which, fortunately, could be read freely on several Internet sites. The book contains 25 bilingual Spanish-English poems, most of them with a deep social subject. Written without stylistic frills deals with everyday problems using dry phrases, a drag on certain sadness and irony. Its poems are about racism, loneliness, love thwarted, the problems that haunt us every day (observe its ironic poem "Invoices"), corruption, justice and a long list of problems that will probably never dreamed of being part of a verse. Highlight a dozen poems, but especially "The love for manufactured things" (a punch straight to the conscience), "Nada" (the routine of the white collar), "Colors" (on the religious strife), "Do not think about me" (ironic poem of love without love),"Without noise"(a soldier seems from the Iraq war) and especially" Everything is nothing" (on the self-destruction of a human being for the recreation of another). Other poems consider them much smaller and even dispensable, such as "Barcelona Nights" or "No", which might require some explanation by the author. The book is read in an hour and make think during an eternity. It seems poems were written original in spanish and then translated to english. I recommend it.

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English poetry by someone whose English is horrible
by Ben Crowell (crowell09 at (change 09 to current year)) on 2008-12-14 08:26:29, review #519
This is a book of bilingual poems. My Spanish isn't good enough to comment on the Spanish versions, but the English ones are horrible. The author barely seems able to speak English at all. Nearly every sentence is ungrammatical.

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