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On Basilisk Station

AuthorDavid Weber Entered2001-01-09 19:28:50 by bcrowell
Editedit data record FreedomCopyrighted, doesn't cost money to read, but otherwise not free (disclaimer)
SubjectP.Z - Fiction in English and juvenile belles lettres
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To hell and back with Honor Harrington
by Vox on 2004-11-14 23:57:27, review #433
better than 95%
better than 95%
This is the first book in the Honor Harrington series (aka, the Honorverse series). In it we see Honor's second glimpse into the face of Death (the story if her first battle is told in a short story published as part of an anthology called "Changer of Worlds") after she and her ship Fearless get banished to the worse place an up-and-coming officer in Her Majesty's Navy would want to be: Basilisk Station. This book is a proper start on the carreer of who would become one of the greatest military minds in her era, in a universe fruit of Weber's fertile mind, with characters that you can't but feel a connection with. Honor Harrington and the crew of HMS Fearless will become people you know and care about, and you'll live their adventures with them as they go from exultation to deception and to hell and back. With nothing but a terminus of the Manticore Junction to be said for it, Basilisk has become the place where the Navy's Admiralty drops those capitains that they want to keep out of their minds...and Honor's crew knows it. With a combination of knowledge, ability, guts and even luck, Honor will do what she has to do to accomplish the impossible mission assigned to her small, obsolecent and gutted starship, while trying, at the same time, to gain her crew's trust and confidence. If you like Space Operas, the Honorverse is for you. There are 15 books (11 novels and 4 anthologies) in the series so far, and each one is better than the last one...and the first one is great.

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