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Eileen McHugh - a life remade

AuthorPhilip Spires Entered2020-12-02 01:17:17 by philipspires
Editedit data record FreedomPublic domain (disclaimer)
SubjectP. - Language and Literature
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Eileen McHugh - a life remade is a free download, the author's note
by Philip spires on 2020-12-02 01:17:17, review #551
Eileen McHugh - a life remade - is a novel about a sculptor whose creative life ended in the 1970s. She left no work, but now an archive of her notes and sketches has come into the possession of Mary Reynolds, who is determined to resurrect the artist's life and reconstruct her work. She contacts people who knew Eileen as a child and as a student in London. Via these partial memories, she recreates the artist and her work.

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