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History of Portland Maine from 1632 to 1864

AuthorWilliam Willis Entered2001-03-30 19:17:37 by dcblackwell
Editedit data record FreedomPublic domain (disclaimer)
SubjectF. - American history: U.S. local, colonial, Latin American
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Old Local History of Portland Maine and others are online
by David C. Blackwell (daveblql at yahoo dot com) on 2001-03-30 19:17:37, review #124
better than 80%
I've long enjoyed reading old town history books, but have always had a hard time finding them to borrow. I've had the opportunity to borrow and scan in several old town histories and family genealogies. Most of the books are in G4TIFF image format, some scanned in from original books, some scanned in from xerographic copies, some have been OCRed, edited somewhat, and some have been put into HTML. This History of Portland Maine is one of them. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. If you have Windows ME/2000 the MSIE or Netscape browser will use a very good pluggin to view resized page image of the scanned in pages, or just read the HTML pages. Other books are online at Mostly New England UK esp. Derbyshire books The USIGS library where I am a volunteer librarian. Volunteer editors, OCRer, HTLMer needed.

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