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Unleashing the Idea Virus

AuthorSeth Godin Entered2000-12-26 11:37:44 by bcrowell
Editedit data record FreedomCopyrighted, doesn't cost money to read, but otherwise not free (disclaimer)
SubjectH.F - Commerce
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Easy Read - Not Bad Overall
by Grant ( on 2000-12-28 23:23:43, review #66
better than 80%
better than 90%
A very easy read, this book is an introduction to Seth's "latest big idea" in the way marketing is moving forward. Not a "How To" book but definitely one to get you thinking about what you're doing with your marketing efforts. I'd recommend reading it, especially if you're looking for ways to get the word out about you/your company/etc without having to have Proctor & Gamble's marketing budget :)

I left my body to science but I'm afraid they've turned it down...

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Tasteless (as in Pyramid Schemes) manifesto on Sneezing
by Lion Rushton Brock Kimbro (lion x speakeasy x org) on 2000-12-29 10:29:32, review #69

This is a terrible manifesto. The writing is obnoxious. It is redundant, repetitive, and repeats itself! One marginally interesting idea, stretched to fill a book: Make ideas that people will be interested in spreading around, and then let them spread out.

How do you do this? On page 177, near the end of the book, he says, "My hope was that this would be a long chapter, and I could answer your big question about how. Alas, I don't know. I know it when I see it, but I fear the rest is art."

Ignore this book; read Chapter 7: Publicizing Your Site (Without Irritating Everyone on the Net) of Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing instead!

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