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Calendar FAQ, The

AuthorClaus Tondering Entered2004-01-08 07:48:28 by Ryanov
Editedit data record FreedomPublic domain (disclaimer)
SubjectD. - History: General and Old World
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Interesting Calendar Information
by Ryan Scott on 2004-01-08 07:48:28, review #364
better than 80%
better than 80%
This "FAQ" actually has enough information to nearly consider it a book. It's very interesting and just about everything you could hope to know about calendars. I filed this link under History, but it may belong somewhere else. Email me at rsw at if you think it should be changed to a different classification, but I believe its place is under History. At any rate, in particular, this is the first place that explained what an epact was and how you calculate it.

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