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real nameThane Hounchell
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bio (optional)Hi, my name is Thane Hounchell. I’m a 23 year old student at the University of Cincinnati majoring in philosophy. I love reading philosophy/theology (especially existentialism) and the classics of Lit. I also enjoy hiking, watching independent movies, and good conversation. Being an avid reader and journaler I decided to finally give writing a book of my own a shot. I quickly discovered that writing fiction can be one of the most invigorating and pleasing past times and am currently in the process of writing my second novel. But the most important thing I can say about myself is that I am the proud Father of one amazingly brilliant son (Mason), the son of two unbelievably loving parents (Jerry+Jana), the brother of 3 crazy ass siblings (Davion, Ian, and Duncan), and the friend and extended family of so many wonderful and inspirational people I wouldn't even now where to start. All in all, God has blessed me beyond what I deserve with the love and support of so many I'm lucky to call friend and family. So that's about it concerning me. If you desire to know anymore about me please send me your name and address so I can put a restraining order on you for most likely being a sadistic stalker or feel free to check out my upcoming Autobiography, ​​​​Wild Thane: The Golden Years... ​Which is not a real thing whatsoever.

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