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bio (optional)I have published five novels, all available as ebooks, Eileen McHugh, One On One, A Search For Donald Cottee, Mission and A Fool's Knot, and a set of travel stories, Voyagers. Eileen McHugh is the biography of an artist whose work is yet to be discovered. Mission and A Fool's Knot are African novels set in Migwani, Kenya. They address themes of culture and change in a small town in Kitui province. The place is real, the events are largely fictitious. A Search For Donald Cottee is a parody of Don Quixote set in a Benidorm caravan park. The modern Don seeks to do good in a world of vice, back-biting, spite and dubious parentage. His Yorkshire mining village origins pursue him. Voyagers is a set of travel stories where the travellers find out much about themselves. One On One is an espionage thriller, with a romance thrown in.

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Eileen McHugh - a life remade - Eileen McHugh - a life remade is a free download, the author's note
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